16 agosto, 2011

Videos Verano 2011

The Final Launch of the Atlantis took place on 8th July, 2011. It was the final flight for the Space Shuttle Program.

Editing created with footage from various angles, using some incidental sound for reference (from the part were the solid rocket boosters fall apart, it´s all real) and various sound effects for completeness, with some color correction for great effect. This edition was made from a 32 minute video provided by NASA, which you can download for free in their multimedia section.

This is a documentary about girls.girls on its opening night. A pin-up exhibition conceived, illustrated and presented by David Nieto. Presented on Cafe Tierra Libre in Monterrey, N.L. all trough this summer.

A compilation about my current project. Some concept art, some rough pencils, and actual video about the process of inking, design and composition. You can follow my webcomic Dick on the XXth Century on: http://rafaelnieto.elwebcomic.com/

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