01 febrero, 2009

Yellow Submarine Comic (1968)

A week ago I was browsing through various blogs rock-prog oriented and I happened to found this. A comic adaptation of the film. Issued in 1968 and distributed by King Features Syndicate.

It portrays the main events from the movie plus different characters, scenes and dialog not featured on it, sadly, it lacks from any credit for the illustrator(s) and / or writer(s). In recent years, when the film was restored and re-released a new CD and a Illustrated Book were available to promote it. None of them have any artwork from this comic book.

So it is (indeed) a raritie and inmediately I thought to put it again on the web in a proper form! In order to save the most of the original printing, intensive color correction was used to clean the 40 years of aging. The whole document was cleaned, corrected, processed an formated on Photoshop CS3.

Despite all that it is a funny reading and is wonderfully illustrated. A Splendid Time is Guaranteed for All.

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